[April 21, 2024] EPC Sunday Sermon Application Question

"The Lord of the Sabbath"
Speaker: Pastor Sam Lee 
Mark 2:23-28

Application Questions:
1. Reflect on the contrast between legalism and the gospel as outlined in the sermon. How does the gospel offer freedom and rest in contrast to the burdens of legalism? Share examples from your own life where you have experienced the restful nature of the gospel.
2. How can we guard against legalism in our own spiritual lives and communities? What practical steps can we take to embrace the restful nature of the gospel and avoid falling into legalistic practices?
3. In what ways does understanding the true essence of the gospel impact our relationship with God and others? How does it shape our understanding of God's love and acceptance?
4. Take a moment to reflect on Matthew 11:28-30 in light of the sermon. What does it mean to find rest for our souls in Jesus? How can we encourage one another to embrace the restful nature of the gospel in our daily lives?

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