Welcome to The English Ministry of EPC!

We look forward to walking with you after God’s glory and joy!

Sunday Worship Details

We meet weekly on Sunday mornings at 10:00AM in-person and are located at 4435 Fortran Drive, San Jose, CA at the corner of Fortran Drive and Nortech Parkway. Upon entering the church from Fortran Drive, EPC EM's sanctuary is located immediately to the right through the solid double doors.

Please refer to the front page of our website for more or other worship information.

Our Vision & Mission

Emmanuel Presbyterian Church exists to be a Biblical community by glorifying God, worshipping Him communally, growing together in maturity, and demonstrating the love of Jesus at the crossroads of Church and Society. 


Here are some Common Questions

First, welcome to our church community! We are so glad that you are able to join us after God's glory and joy. As far as what to expect, here are some quick notes on who we are as a community:

  • Sunday service: As of July 11, we have begun meeting in-person (10 AM) as well as a simultaneous live-stream through YouTube. You can find the link and other information on our website's front page. Sunday Worship consists of a mix of contemporary praise and hymns with times of confession, reflection, and prayer.
  • The preaching is Biblically-based where we seek to take God's Word as wisdom for life as He continues to redeem and transform us in His image. EPC is "presbyterian" in denomination (KAPC) and Reformed in expression of our faith.
  • We do have an extensive "Education Department" that ranges from "Infants" all the way to High School Seniors. You can find more information about their worship and meetings on the our website under the "Ministries" tab.
  • We practice accountability and fellowship through "Life Groups" (LGs) that meet every other week. LGs consist of gathering with our groups in a commitment to study God's Word, the sharing of our lives with one another in Gospel-centered fellowship and love and walking with one another in accountability and encouragement.
There are many other parts of the EPC community that move together as many parts of one Body under Christ. Please take a look at the website and reach out to us if you have any questions through the "Contact Us" link. We look forward to walking with you in and after Christ!

Praise God for His moving and call in your life! Christianity is an individual vertical relationship with God but it is also a corporate horizontal relationship with the Body of Christ (aka: the church). I would encourage you to commit to a church that preaches the Gospel and strives to faithfully live out God's Word in full dependence on His grace. We would love to walk with you in this as a church and as a team of pastors who shepherd and serve EPC as servant-leaders. Please reach out to Pastor Paul to set a time to meet and talk in the hope of plugging you into the life of faith community

Yes! We would love to serve you and walk with you in life. We have pastors that can meet and encourage you with pastoral care and prayer. We also have Ministry Team Leaders who can plug you into various teams and ministries to engage in the community and also to serve God's Kingdom, both locally and beyond our borders. We also have a "Welcoming Team" whose sole purpose and desire is to welcome and engage with you to plug you in and see how we can grow in God's grace together. Reach out to us via "Contact Us" and specify that you would like to talk with the "Welcome Team" and they will get right back to you. We encourage you to reach out and let us know and we would love to walk with you in life!

Yes! During the pandemic, our "Education Department" has various programs and services that are available. Look under the "Ministries" tab for more information on specific services. When we are back in person, there is a whole schedule of the various ministries that we offer at EPC on the home page of our website. Scroll down to find the schedule and see which times would work best for you and your family. Further, when we are back to "in-person" worship, when you arrive to EPC, you can ask the "Welcome Team" and they would be happy to walk with you to show you where the various ministries meet as well as to give you a layout of what our ministry facilities look like.

  • Elementary school
  • Middle school
  • High school

All ministries will be in English except the "Infants" ministry which is primarily in Korean. If you would like to participate in the "Infants" ministry, please let the "Welcoming Team" know and we will help accommodate you!

Yes! Please go to our Serve page for more information on opportunities to serve and for ways to contact Team leaders to get involved!

You can go to our Give page for details on how to tithe and give to support EPC.

We would love to walk with you in pastoral care and prayer. Please go to our Request Prayer & Pastoral Care page to share how we can serve you in Christ.

Yes! EPC has a program specifically to serve children and youth with disabilities here. If you are an adult with special needs, please contact us and share with us how we can serve you to worship and participate in the life of EPC.


Location: 4435 Fortran Dr., San Jose
Office Hours: Tues - Sun, 9:00am - 4:00pm (Availability may vary.  Email is the best option to communicate.)
Email:  emoffice@epcsj.org

Welcome to EPC!

We’re so glad that you are interested in getting to know more about the church community at EPC!
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