Pre-K - 1

"Sing to the Lord, bless His name; tell of His salvation from day to day."
Psalm 96:2

Weekly Service Information/Guide

We communicate all weekly service information via email. For parents who are not already subscribed to the email list, please use the Contact Us form below to email Pastor Derek Song to subscribe.

Service Schedule & Times

1st Service | 10 AM (In-Person only)

2nd Service | 12 PM (In-Person & Zoom)

 | Welcoming Time
 | Praise Time
 | Bible Time
 | Class Time
 | Snack Time
 | Welcoming Time
 | Praise Time
 | Bible Time
 | Puppet Show and Movie Time
 | Class Time
 | Closing Time
Please contact Pastor Derek for ZOOM information. (available below)


Monthly PTA Meetings


Vacation Bible School

We will have the parents PTA meeting twice a year and will share what the Pre & Kidner Dept.’s mission and ways to serve children. Also, we listen to the parents’ voices so that we build the dept. together.
We learn how much Jesus loves us through the cross and share His resurrection from the Easter Special activity.
VBS will be on 3 rd or 4th week of June. Through the VBS, children will have a special time to learn about Jesus for 4-5 days. (Bible story time, Game, Food Craft, Art Craft Tim)

Harvest Festival

Christmas Presentation

Talent Market

On 10/31, Children and family will gather at the church and have a service and fun time with many games. They also collect Candies and goodies from the event.
We thank Jesus who came to the earth for us and celebrate His Birthday with children’s praise and motion.
The Talent Market will be two times a year (Feb&Aug). Children collect stickers from their class time. Before the Talent market, we change the stickers to Talents. Then, children are able to exchange the talents to Stationary items, Toys, Snack, Stickers and more.

Ministry Staff

Pastor Derek Song

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