EPC Partner Missionary Updates

Due to the sensitive contexts that our missionaries serve in, their personal information will be kept anonymous.  Please keep checking in as we will update with monthly updates we receive from them to keep them in prayer and support.  We look forward to being able to start sending teams to our missionary partners in 2024.

EPC Partner Missionaries

Missionary A

(Update received September, 2023)

New Members of the Leadership Strategies Team
God has sent four new members to our team. G and E are the parents of T, whom you all know well. They served as a staff for more than 20 years and did ministry work in multiple fields. While doing LS ministry in I, they heard about the A team's situation and joined our team with the intention of helping. The picture of one family working on the same team is still awkward for everyone, but I believe that God has a plan for this as well.  J and H are a family that was sent to A from C three and a half years ago. They went to study at one of the best universities in B and then believed in Jesus and dedicated themselves through CCC. The children are still young (5 and 2 years old) and their language skills are limited, but their hearts for souls are great.  God is giving encouragement and strength through these people to my wife and I who are feeling very weary due to various incidents. Please pray for all of our team so that we can carry out the mission given in one mind and one Holy Spirit.

New semester ministry begins
The new semester ministry began in September, starting with team retreat and the national LS conference. Many meetings take place throughout the week, including team meeting, coaching meeting, ABS Bible study, individual discipleship, staff training, and the newly launched English club. I pray and hope that God will give strength to all 9 staff members and that God will save many souls through each meeting. We ask for your strong intercession.

The 3rd Earthquake Area Relief Trip
We once again went to the earthquake area relief trip from August 22-25th. This time, our children and N's friends came along, so a total of 15 people carried out this valuable ministry. Through children's ministry, music concerts, and home visitation ministry, we tried to comfort many souls who have not yet escaped trauma. As much as the cold winter, the hot summer weather was also very difficult for us, but it was a time when we all received many blessings in good health. We are grateful to the many people who donated and interceded for relief efforts. The 4th relief trip is planned for mid-November.

Missionary B

(Update received September, 2023)

In August, our ministry was a bit calmer than normal. Praise God that we had the opportunity to take a week vacation. We found a house to rent near the sea and vacationed there. Since universities have been closed, we also decided to take a break from our Deep Life meetings. We still have many students in A. Because of this, we are continuing our Bible studies with them on Tuesday evenings.  We also had the opportunity to visit M'a village for a week and get some rest there. J loves the village. He has cousins there. There is a farm with cows, sheep, chickens, cats, dogs, and many other animals. It was a good change of environment for him. When we returned from M's village, we had a chance to meet up with some of our disciples. I have started baptism lessons with a new believer, E. Our lessons are going well and there is another disciple, B, that wants to get baptized. However, he is studying in a different city. He comes to A when he has time. We hope to continue meeting with them. Our desire is that they will get baptized in the Fall. M wanted to start lessons with E and H last month, but they both found jobs.  Both of their work schedules are intense. She is looking for the opportunity to start something with them this month. Our ministries will get busy again as the new semester begins in September.  We will be having a Multiplying Disciples Conference and Country-wide Company Conference this month. We still have not moved yet. We are hoping to move in September. We are praying and waiting for the house to be emptied out. We will be celebrating J's 13th birthday on September 4th. We also hope to have a Team Retreat soon to pray and plan for this next season. We are thankful that 11 people came to Christ this past year and we desire to see this increase. We want to take advantage of every opportunity that the Lord gives us to share the gospel and strive to help students discover and find faith in Jesus Christ.

M'S STORY:        
M is 23 years old. He is a third-year student in the Physics Engineering Department at university. I met M about nine months ago at a Korean course our team was offering. We invited him to our Deeper Life meeting. Since last fall, he has been attending our Deeper Life meetings almost every week. He bought Bible and started reading it. He has brought many of his friends from school to our meetings. Many of his friends have heard the gospel because of him. He is on summer vacation now, working a temporary job, and has even started inviting his friends from work to church. M grew up in a difficult family situation. His parents divorced when he was very young, and he has no relationship with his father. He has not seen him in years. He had always lived with a great emptiness in him because he had never received the love he needed from his family (especially from his father). But while reading the Bible, he was so impressed by the love he saw in 1 Corinthians 13. The fact that love is at the forefront in Christianity affected him deeply and he found a new love in God and gave his life to Christ. M does not want to tell his mother that he is a Christian yet because his mother is a conversative Muslim. M is now reading the book of John and he says that he has noticed changes in himself. He used to get angry quickly and would have harsh reactions the littlest thing but now he is calmer and more peaceful. He has become less angry and is full of hope. His life has been changed for the better. Praise God that the Lord is working in his life. He is sharing Jesus with many of his friends and bringing them to church. Please pray that the Lord will use him to preach the gospel and be a good witness to those around him.

Prayer Requests:
May the Lord bless our move, J's birthday, and this new School Semester. May it be a calm time.  
Please pray for our Multiplying Disciples Conference, Country-wide Company Conference, and Team Retreat that we hope to have. May Lord give us new vision and goals for this year.
Let us pray that our disciples will grow in the Lord. Let us pray that they will finish our lessons and get baptized this Fall.

Thank you for your partnership in the Gospel.

Missionary C

(Update sent August, 2023)

Dear EPC EM,

And Elisha prayed, "O LORD, open his eyes so he may see." Then the LORD opened the servant's eyes, and he looked and saw the hills full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha.( 2 Kings 6:17)

We are bold because of the horses and chariots of fire that surrounds us. We give all the glory to God who does not withheld the request of our lips and gives us peace and boldness through the accompanying of the Holy Spirit. We always thank you for using us and the EPC EM mission team for the precious ministry in which the gospel of salvation through the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ is testified and the glory of God is proclaimed in this land.

Please pray with us.

1. Adult Word Retreat August 15th (Tue) ~ 17th (Thu)

With the guidance of Pastor N, who led the Word Retreat for women last year, there is a Word Retreat for all believers this year. Please pray:
▸ For Pastor N’s health and fullness of the Holy Spirit
▸ For the Retreat to be fully controlled by the Holy Spirit
▸ For many believers to participate, repent, accept Jesus Christ as their Savior, and make a decision to live as Christians.
▸ For many church and community members to be able to attend.
▸ Please pray that the work of being free from alcohol, drugs, and fornication will come to them
▸ For good health of Missionary Y, who will handle the kitchen and take care of the children.

2. Youth Retreat: August 21st (Mon) ~ 24th (Thu)

We hold a youth retreat in V for 4 days and 3 nights with teenagers aged 12 and over. During the retreat, we will visit the local university, airport, and museums to show the children a wider world. Please pray:
▸ All materials (Q.T., hymns, Bible study, etc.) of the retreat must be translated from Korean into the local language. Please pray for us to prepare well.
▸ For the Youth Retreat to be fully controlled by the Holy Spirit
▸ To help children get closer to God and have dreams for the future during the retreat
▸ To make the participating children happy and joyful time
▸  That we will lead the retreat and and drive cars for 4 days and 3 nights in safety and blessings. Please pray for our health and safety.

3. Please pray for church repairs.

▸ Every day, by the grace of the Lord, repairs to the church building are underway.
▸ Please pray for Brother M, who is in charge of repairs, will be a true child of God who lives in the thrill of repentance and salvation.
▸ Please pray for everything necessary for repairing the church is filled with gratitude.

If we pray, we are not be afraid or anxious. We believe that God works through those who pray.
If you let us know the prayer topic that you have, we will pray together.
We give all the glory to God.



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