[January 8, 2023] Sunday Sermon Reflection Questions

"The Depth of Grace Even In Our Failure"
Genesis 3:8-24

  1. Understanding how we view God's grace is important because it ultimately tells us about Christ's place as Lord (or not( in our lives and how we live.  Is the grace of God costly to us?  Or do we take His mercy for granted and cheapen it?  
  2. God's discipline is always coupled with mercy (curse of woman and man with their clothing and naming of Eve as the "mother of all"; the promise of our Messiah in Jesus as the greatest sacrifice etc).  The New Testament also reminds us that God "disciplines" those whom He loves in order for us humble ourselves and turn back to Him in faithful obedience.  What is your response to God's discipline and correction and do you eagerly seek to turn back to Him?
  3. When we consider the grace of God and the price that it costs Him to love us, how does this inform and direct how we then receive it and love one another?  If we only receive God's grace and are unwilling to extend it to one another in a growing way, is that faithfulness as a disciple of Jesus?
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