[July 23, 2023] Sunday Sermon Reflection Questions

Series: The Stories & Acts of Jesus
"Parable of the Friend at Midnight"
Luke 11:1-13

  1. When we compare the content and purpose of our prayers in comparison to the heart of how Jesus teaches us to pray, what areas can we grow and be corrected to come in line with Him?
  2. Do we have the audacity and impudence to be faithful (to persevere) in prayer to God as we trust that He will answer in all things ultimately in Christ?  In what ways might you struggle with this?
  3. Jesus reminds us that many of don't "receive" simply because we do not trust Him in faith to persevere in prayer.  What does this reveal about how we see God, the life of discipleship that He calls us to and our practice of living in prayer?  How can we grow in this?
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