[June 25, 2023] Sunday Sermon Reflection Questions

"Wrestling With God"
Genesis 32:22-32

  1. The old saying goes, "It takes two to tango".  God's promise of grace and call to faith in His love for us is an amazing gift on His part, but it requires that we participate in accepting His gift to believe and walk after Him.  When it comes to a life in Christ (prayer, reflection, the Word, serving, worship etc), do you find "wrestling" or engaging with God a priority for you?  Why or why not?
  2. The condition for God answering Jacob's desperate request for a blessing is given because of his tenacity and persistence.  We often attribute God's faithfulness as a response of our faithfulness, acts, eloquent words or perfection.  But the only thing that God requires of us is a faith that believes and perseveres in Him alone as our hope.  In what ways can we grow in Jacob's likeness in clinging to God as our only hope and joy?
  3. God not only blesses Jacob, but He renames Him from "Jacob" to "Israel".  This is a powerful and meaningful moment of God's calling Jacob His own.  In Christ, we are no longer enemies of God but are called children of heaven.  What hope and purpose does our new name and identity in Christ remind us of and encourage us in our lives?  
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