[May 28, 2023] EPC Sunday Announcements

Welcome Newcomers to EPC!
If you are new to EPC, welcome and God’s peace to you!  We are so glad that you were able to find and join us.  We hope that the worship is both encouraging and convicting to you in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We would love to connect with you.  Please join us in the Lobby after service at the "Welcome Team" booth where we'd like to exchange some information and offer you a small welcoming gift.  We look forward to getting to know you and walking after God’s joy in the Gospel together.

EPC VBS - Twist and Turn!
The EPC Education Department will be holding VBS on June 14-17 with a bonus day on June 18.
Times: June 14-16 (6-9 PM), June 17 (1-4 PM)
Cost is $30 per child (Sibling discount of $25 per additional child), VIP is free (nonbelievers)
Check out the link on our website homepage to register and to volunteer (they are looking for helpers!) Volunteer Training is June 3 & 10 (Saturdays) from 1-3 PM.

Upcoming Graduating High School Seniors
The new class of graduating high school seniors will be joining us for their first official EPC EM service on Sunday, June 4.  Please welcome them as we recognize them and pray for them during our service and have a special time of fellowship for them after worship.  This is a great opportunity to bless a new generation as they transition into this new life stage.

Seeking EPC ED Dept Servants
The EPC ED Dept will have tables set up after service to give information on ways to serve the children of EPC.  Please stop by hear how we can plug into the younger generations and to sign-up.  

EPC EM Intercessory Prayer Team (IPT)
The "Intercessory Prayer Team" meets on Sundays from 9:15-9:50 AM in the "Conference Room" at the back of the Sanctuary.  We invite you to come and pray with the IPT for the service, the church & missionaries, and for the world.  If you are unsure of how to pray or haven't done this spiritual discipline in the past, come learn how to pray with others in intercession in this great opportunity to bring ourselves before God.

EPC Praise Team
The EPC Praise Team is looking for more people to join in serving the church with their musical gifts from God.  Please prayerfully consider to discern how God is leading you and talk with Eric Houng (Praise Team leader) to get more information and details.  This is a great opportunity to serve in a high impact need for EPC.  

2023 Short-Term Mission Opportunities
Pastor Paul Shim has shared an email with EPC EM sharing the short-term mission opportunities and information for 2023.  We have set aside a budget to encourage and offer financial assistance for those who are willing and able to go and spread the Gospel.  We are doing this for this year only as we prepare to send out teams to our various mission partners in 2024.  If you have not received this email, please let Pastor Paul know ASAP.

EPC Partner Missionary Updates
We will be posting updates that we receive from our Missionary Partners on our website under the "Outreach" tab.  Please check in monthly to learn about what God is doing in these countries and pray for His strength and joy to sustain them.  Due to the sensitive nature of the countries they are serving in, we will not be able to include photos, names and specific locations.  We thank you for your understanding and commitment to support our partners in the Gospel.  

EPC EM Prayer Meeting
Our next EPC EM Prayer Meeting is scheduled for May 13 at 5 PM in the EM Sanctuary.  We encourage you to join us as we worship and prayer together as Christ calls the church.

EPC Giving and PayPal
If you give to EPC through PayPal on our website, please consider giving through "Check" (be sure to write your name in the Memo area for tax records)  in our "Offering Box" in the back of the Sanctuary near the Lobby.  This will help us avoid paying fees from the budget.  Of course, if PayPal is the best option for you, we will continue to support that option.

Offering & Tithe Reminder
If you are mailing in checks as your offering and tithe to God's church, please be sure to write in the "Memo" section of the check, "EPC EM", so that we can be sure to receive your support and to correctly update your personal tax information.  
If you are giving online, please remember to write your name in the "Comment" section on PayPal.  
Thank you for obeying and supporting the body of Christ with your resources.

EPC In-Person & Livestream Sunday Worship
If you are joining us via "live-stream" and experience any issues, please email us at "emoffice@epcsj.org" to let us know as we grow in this new process. The "live-stream" link on our website will be updated every Sunday morning.

If you are with us in-person today and would like to give or tithe here at church, there is an offering box near between the Sanctuary and the EM Lobby where you can drop off your offering envelopes.  Otherwise, you can continue to give God your offerings online on our website under “Give”.

The EPC App is live on our website for both iOS and Android.  Please go and download it for easy access to notifications for church events and announcements, sermons and content, ways to give, and more.  For those joining us “in-person” for Sunday Worship, you can now also register your attendance in the EPC EM App!  A big thank you to our “Media Team” who worked so hard to make this happen!

EPC Sunday Sermon Reflection Questions
We will be posting the "Sermon Reflection Questions" on the website under "Announcements" to better give access to the various life groups that meet.

EPC Pastoral Care and Prayer Support
If you are in need of pastoral care or would like to request prayer support from the pastors of EPC, please don’t hesitate to go to our website (epcministry.org) and click on “Pastoral Care and Prayer Requests'' under the “Connect” button.  You can keep it confidential if you wish to do so but we would love to serve you by walking with you in fellowship and prayer.
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