[April 2, 2023] Sunday Sermon Reflection Questions

Series: The Good News
"The Cost of a Disciple"
Luke 14:25-33

  1. Do you consider yourself a "disciple" of Jesus as He calls us (as opposed to a mere "follower")?  Whichever way you land, what discourages you in this calling and what gives us hope in the Gospel?
  2. Jesus reminds us that a disciple is one who "carries our cross after Him" (to put to death our old lives in faithful surrender and obedience to Him).  What are some idols, addictions and other things in your life that you wrestle and struggle with "putting to death"?  How can we help one another in this?
  3. The Gospel is a free gift of grace.  The response of a disciple is to surrender all of ourselves, even though it will never be enough, in faith to Christ as Lord as we trust Him.  As Pastor Paul shared, "effort" in responding to Christ is not the same thing as trying to "earn" our salvation.  What are some practical things you can do to count the cost of discipleship and live as Christ defines and calls us after Himself?
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