[February 5, 2023] Sunday Sermon Reflection Questions

"The Primacy of God's Word"
2 Timothy 4:1-8

  1. What determines if a sermon is "good" for you?  Paul's concern for Timothy and the church is that even at that time, preachers and the Body were more concerned about smooth-talking entertaining speakers rather than hearing and applying God's Word.  How can we reset our ears to be eager for and to hear for the God's Word as He reveals (v 2-5)?
  2. As we transition from what we hear and how we are fed to how we ourselves can proclaim God's Word, are we able to share the Gospel?  Obedience to the "Great Commission" or Christian faithfulness is not supposed to be easy or about our comfort but an act of surrender that we do in trusting that God is the One who saves.  what is the "truth" that we share with others, if at all?
  3. What hope does Paul offer in a broken world with sinful hearts that encourages us to persevere (v 6-8)?  It's not earthly comfort, a large and popular church or even being in the "right" Christian group ourselves.  
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