[April 7, 2024] EPC Sunday Sermon Application Questions

"How Do I Live a Resurrected Life?"
Pastor Roy Tinklenberg
John 5:21-30

Application Questions:
1. How are you experiencing the reality that we have already passed from death to life? When does that reality seem reversed ā€” that you are carrying the death of Christ in your body (read Paulā€™s words in 2 Corinthians 4:10) verses revealing the life of Christ? Why do the emotions of hope and despair float around in our hearts at the same time? How can these conflicting emotions both be present? How do you experience/explain the tension between the already and the not yet?

2. When have you felt the life of Christ in you enabling you to love your brothers and sisters in Christ? When is loving others a struggle? Can you identify one reason or competing emotion that keeps from loving others? How can Christ's love conquer that competing emotion?

3. Do we love our coworkers so much we want to spend eternity with them? What prevents us from actively loving them in this way? What steps can we take this week to overcome the barriers and start to make an eternal difference in the lives of those around us?
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