[December 17, 2023] EPC Sunday Sermon Reflection Questions

"The Light of Jesus"
John 1:1-14

  1. The Apostle John tells us that though Jesus came into the world as Creator and King, the world did not "know Him" or "receive Him".  What do you think he means by these two statements?  How can we live in faith in a manner that both "knows" and "receives" Him as Lord?
  2. John the Baptist is described in v 6-8 whose primary role as one of the earliest disciples was not to be the light in himself, but to witness to the light in making Christ known.  How does his example move us to live in our lives as Christians?
  3. The person of Jesus as the light of hope for us matches the way that God created the world when it comes to light.  Whatever lights up the darkness, by nature, is made to shine as a result of burning out of itself in sacrifice (Ex: sun burn gas, candle burns wick and wax, light bulb burns through electricity and metal etc).  Jesus Himself comes as our hope, not to be served, but to serve in redeeming us on the cross, becoming nothing even to death.  How does this Gospel truth convict and guide us as we live as His disciples?
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