[October 22, 2023] Sunday Sermon Reflection Questions

Series: Discipleship - The Marks of a Disciple of Jesus
"A Disciple Loves as God Loves"
John 13:31-35

  1. Jesus speaks to His disciples at the time of His full glory being revealed in His crucifixion.  It is in this moment that He chooses to call and command His disciples after "love" as the core defining character of the Gospel.  Is "love" (how we receive love from God in grace and how we extend God's love to one another) the greatest gift and purpose in our lives?
  2. How are you and I selective and judgmental in whom we love and how we love them?  What personal conditions must they satisfy before we are willing to love others?  Is this what Jesus calls us after?
  3. Jesus states that the way that Christians will be known is not by what we call ourselves, where we sit on Sunday morning or anything else.  The way that Christians will be known is by the act of how we love one another as God has loved us.  How does this shape your understanding of whether or not we are defining ourselves and living as disciples of Jesus?
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