[August 7, 2022] EPC Sunday Announcements

Welcome Newcomers to EPC!
If you are new to EPC, welcome and God’s peace to you!  We are so glad that you were able to find and join us.  We hope that the worship is both encouraging and convicting to you in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We would love to connect with you.  Please join us in the Lobby after service at the "Welcome Team" desk where we'd like to exchange some information and offer you a small welcoming gift.  We look forward to getting to know you and walking after God’s joy in the Gospel together.

EPC Mask Policy Update
Due to the rising new waves of COVID in northern California, we are asking everyone who comes to in-person service to wear a mask while they are at church (other than when you are eating or drinking).  We will have masks ready to hand out if you do not have one.  Thank you for wearing a mask as an act of love and care for one another!

EPC "Meet and Greet"
As God has blessed us with great growth in the past year and a half, we wanted to create a space after service on Sunday (August 7) to introduce our deacons and to have a time of fellowship where you can get to know one another and ask questions about the church in a relaxed atmosphere.  Please join us as lunch will be provided after service next week.

EPC College Ministry
The College group will begin to meet on Sundays at 12:30 PM in the EM Sanctuary on July 10.  Please keep Pastor Amandy and the College in prayer and support as they begin this new chapter of discipleship and raising faithful men and women in the Gospel.  

Serving EPC College
EPC College is looking for volunteers to serve as mentors for our college community.  Please talk with PAmandy for more details about this great opportunity to build up the younger generation.

Opportunities to Serve the EPC Education Department
EPC is starting a campaign to serve the education department of EPC ranging from the Nursery all the way up through Youth Group.  This is a great opportunity to serve the church as the Gospel calls us.  If you are interested and seek more information and details, please contact the appropriate person below with your interest.
Youth: P. Tiffany (tiffanylim@epcsj.org)
Upper Elementary: P. Delaney (delaneykim@epcsj.org)
Younger Elementary: P. Sean (seankim@epcsj.org)
Pre-K/Kindergarten: P. Derek (dereksong@epcsj.org)
Nursery: Taeho Um (taeho@thumase.com)

Future Sermon Series: "Ask Me Anything" (AMA)
We are planning on a future sermon series titled, "Ask Me Anything" (AMA).  This series is to answer the many questions that our congregation may have when it comes to the Gospel, the Bible, faith, living as a disciple etc.  Please go to our website (epcministry.org) and share any questions that you've been wondering or wrestling with.  

"EPC Missionary Support Application" Process
We have received more applications for Missionary Support in our inaugural effort to support those in the mission field.  The Mission Team is prayerfully going through the process of seeing whom we are able to partner with to support in sharing the Gospel and going to the nations in obedience to Christ.  Please keep the Mission Team in prayer as we discern in all wisdom and humility.  We will be announcing our missionaries in the next few weeks.  

EPC Monthly Prayer Meeting
Our monthly prayer meeting will be on Saturday, August 27.  Please join us at 5 PM in the EM Sanctuary for a time of worship, prayer and fellowship.  

New Pastoral Hire for EPC EM
Please keep EPC EM and its leadership in prayer as we humbly seek a new pastor to join the staff.  We will be sharing information as we go through the process.  

EPC Morning Prayer
We have reserved the EM Sanctuary every Wednesday from 6 AM to 8 AM to provide a space for those who would like to come to church to pray and reflect.  We encourage you to use this space and time to grow in the discipline of prayer and starting the day in intimate dependence on God.

Supporting those suffering in the Crisis in Ukraine
EPC has sent $25,000 in March through "Global Giving" and $25,000 in May to "Direct Relief" to aid and assist those who are suffering and have experienced loss due to the crisis in Ukraine as a part of our larger commitment to give $75,000 to various organizations doing relief work.  In the Gospel, God has called us to not only be aware of suffering and brokenness, but to intercede in faithful prayer and to practically be generous as we are able in order to be a presence of love and mercy.  

We encourage you to join us in prayer and awareness of the suffering in the midst of war in Ukraine and if you are able, to give of your resources to help ease the pain and hurt in Ukraine. We have provided a guide on the home page of our website to help us with practical ways to pray, educate and send practical support through agencies and organizations that have a track-record of bringing help to those in need around the world with transparent financial policies.  
We pray for God to reveal His peace and sovereignty over all creation, especially to those suffering and in need all over the world.  And we pray that we would be faithful in not only praying, but in seeking to obediently be the hands and feet of the Gospel to others.  

Offering & Tithe Reminder
If you are mailing in checks as your offering and tithe to God's church, please be sure to write in the "Memo" section of the check, "EPC EM", so that we can be sure to receive your support and to correctly update your personal tax information.  
If you are giving online, please remember to write your name in the "Comment" section on PayPal.  
Thank you for obeying and supporting the body of Christ with your resources.

EPC Church Lunch & Refreshments
EPC KM will be serving lunch in the cafeteria and the EM Welcoming Team will serve coffee and refreshments.  Enjoy!

EPC In-Person & Livestream Sunday Worship
If you are joining us via "live-stream" and experience any issues, please email us at "emoffice@epcsj.org" to let us know as we grow in this new process. The "live-stream" link on our website will be updated every Sunday morning.

If you are with us in-person today and would like to give or tithe here at church, there is an offering box near between the Sanctuary and the EM Lobby where you can drop off your offering envelopes.  Otherwise, you can continue to give God your offerings online on our website under “Give”.

The EPC App is live on our website for both iOS and Android.  Please go and download it for easy access to notifications for church events and announcements, sermons and content, ways to give, and more.  For those joining us “in-person” for Sunday Worship, you can now also register your attendance in the EPC EM App!  A big thank you to our “Media Team” who worked so hard to make this happen!

EPC Sunday Sermon Reflection Questions
We will be posting the "Sermon Reflection Questions" on the website under "Announcements" to better give access to the various life groups that meet.

EPC Pastoral Care and Prayer Support
If you are in need of pastoral care or would like to request prayer support from the pastors of EPC, please don’t hesitate to go to our website (epcministry.org) and click on “Pastoral Care and Prayer Requests'' under the “Connect” button.  You can keep it confidential if you wish to do so but we would love to serve you by walking with you in fellowship and prayer.
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