[July 31, 2022] EPC Sunday Sermon Reflection Questions

Series: Ruth - God's Faithfulness in Chaos
"God's Redeeming Faithfulness"
Ruth 4

  1. Where do you see God's redeeming love for us in Ruth 4?  Why is it such a powerful impact for us in the Gospel when we consider the utter lack of any hope and rights that Ruth (and Naomi) have on their own?
  2. We see a complete 180 degree turn in the story of Ruth and Naomi.  They have gone from seemingly losing everything to being restored to joy and hope through Boaz because of God's faithfulness for them and their sustaining trust in Him.  Can you share a time when you struggled to hold onto God in faith and how He answered you?  
  3. The redeeming faithfulness of God was not only for Ruth and Naomi, but we see that God's perspective and purpose is greater than our human experience and loss.  He uses this broken situation to not only save them, but to redeem all creation through the family line of King David that leads us to the birth of Jesus.  What courage and sustaining hope does that give us despite our suffering and brokenness and how does that correct our perspective in our lives?
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