{July 3, 2022] Sunday Sermon Reflection Questions

Series: Ruth - God's Faithfulness in Chaos
"Where You Go I Will Go"
Ruth 1

  1. It's easy to assume that Ruth is simply a good woman of great love and faithfulness to Naomi, but we see in the context that it is her faith in God that transforms her in His loving kindness.  How does Jesus as our Lord and Savior and our faith in Him compel and transform who we are and how we live in His grace?
  2. The chaos of Ruth 1 leaves Naomi and Ruth without any hope in terms of worldly support, but God is not finished with them and has not abandoned them.  This challenges us to wonder where our true identity and hope lies in this world.  Is your identity and greatest joy truly grounded in Jesus and His redeeming work and love for you, or something else of this world?  
  3. God is not explicitly named in the story of Ruth and yet we know that He is present and working in all things.  How do you persevere and live in faith when you don't hear, see or feel God?  What does His Word remind of us?
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