[May 15, 2022] EPC Sunday Sermon Reflection Questions

"Like Everyone Else"
1 Samuel 8

  1. The tension in the text is between God's call to Israel to be His people who were redeemed by His grace against Israel's desire to be worldly and just like everyone else around them.  Examine your faith and life after Christ.  Do our motivations in life submit to Christ as Lord?  Are we obedient to Him first and foremost in living to glorify Him and to be reflections of His Good News as salt and light?
  2. Israel wanted what they judged was preferable and better according to their own desires and human wisdom.  Even though God shares through Samuel the oppression they will face, they persist in wanting a "human" to rule and lead them into battle.  What idols do we have that we cling to and give greater authority and worship over the sovereignty of God?  
  3. Christians, by nature of how they have been redeemed by grace, are meant to be distinct, consecrated and for God's purpose and glory.  Our personal struggle is that we want the benefits of God's grace while still holding on to our own comfort and desire to "fit into this world".  How big of an issue is this according to God's Word and how can we confess and grow in our faithfulness to how Jesus calls us as His disciples?
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