[April 17, 2022] EPC Sunday Sermon Reflection Questions

"A Promise Made True"
John 20:11-18

  1. Time and time again, Jesus foreshadowed and told His disciples what was required of Him in His suffering, death and resurrection for our redemption.  And yet, when Easter morning came, the disciples and Mary Magdalene were confused and overcome with sadness by the empty tomb.  Do you struggle to hold onto the promise of Jesus in the Gospel when you encounter sadness, suffering and things that may not seem clear to your own perspective?
  2. The presence of the empty tomb as well as Jesus appearing to His beloved followers is the great hope that Christians have in the Gospel.  That the power of God's grace is true.  That He is faithful to His promises and will finish the work that He has begun.  How can the direct and clear love that Jesus shows us in the empty tomb encourage us in our day to day lives?
  3. A clear command of Jesus in His encounter with Mary is to lovingly tell her to go and tell others of what she has seen.  He cements this idea of receiving the Gospel and going to proclaim the Good News in the "Great Commission" of Matthew 28.  As we celebrate the glory of Easter, how can we obey Christ to live to proclaim the Good News that we have been given in obedience to Him?
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