[March 6, 2022] EPC Sunday Sermon Reflection Questions

Series: James - Faith in Action
"Align Yourself Under God's Sovereignty"
James 4:13-17

  1. Can you recall a time when you made plans in your life that didn't go the way you thought or wanted it to go, especially in light of what God calls us to versus our human desires and passions?  How did you respond?  
  2. James talked about our passions and desires in the first part of chapter 4 and he turns our attention to how we plan and seek to control our lives in the latter half of the chapter.  How does the sovereignty of God and His place as Lord and King impact how you see and plan your life under His authority, to live in all things in saying, "If the Lord wills it" or "God willing"?  Why do you think this is difficult for us?
  3. James says in verses 16-17 that whoever boasts in their own desires and plans is arrogant and whoever knows what God calls us to in our lives under Christ and disobeys is willfully sinning in rebellion against God.  As we grow in our knowledge and love of God, how can we discipline ourselves to align and submit our plans and desires to the authority and righteousness of God in a growing manner?
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