[February 27, 2022] EPC Sunday Announcements

EPC Sunday Announcements (2/27/22)

Welcome Newcomers to EPC!
If you are new to EPC, welcome and God’s peace to you!  We are so glad that you were able to find and join us.  We hope that the worship is both encouraging and convicting to you in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We would love to connect with you.  To do this, please go to our website, epcministry.org, and click on the “Newcomer” button on the upper right corner of our homepage.  You’ll find some introductory information there along with a form towards the bottom to share some contact information.  If you fill that out, we would love to send you a welcoming email and to encourage you.  We look forward to getting to know you and walking after God’s joy in the Gospel together.

Opportunity for Parental Input for the EPC Education Department
For EPC EM Parents with children in the EPC Education Departments, there will be an opportunity to speak with Deacon James Choi today to give input and share your experiences on how to improve and grow the Education Department ministry.
  1. In-Person Parents: Meet in the Baby Room at 1130 AM for a conversation.
  2. Live-Stream Parents: Meet at 3 PM in the Zoom link emailed to you.

If you did not receive an email, please contact Pastor Paul Shim (info on website).

EPC Church Lunch
Starting today, the KM will be serving lunch in the cafeteria.  Please enjoy, EM will start sharing refreshments sometime in the near future.

Opportunity to Serve as a Small Group Leader for EPC Youth
The Youth Group is looking for “Small Group Leaders” for grades 6-12.  The meetings would start March 13 in order to provide time for training.  This is a great way to serve the younger generations of EPC to be a presence of love and encouragement for them in the Gospel.  For more information and to sign-up to serve as a Youth Small Group Leader, please go to the link HERE.

EPC Monthly Prayer Meeting
Our monthly EPC Prayer Meeting will not be meeting in February and will continue in late March due to scheduling and our desire to be as careful as possible as the Omicron variant winds down (hopefully ASAP).  

EPC COVID Protocol
If you are attending our Sunday Services in-person, we ask that you keep your face mask on the entire time that you re at church to protect yourself and others.  If you are COVID positive, we ask that you stay at home and take care of yourself toward recovery.  If you have attended EPC Sunday Service in-person and test positive for COVID, we ask that you reach out to let Pastor Paul Shim know ASAP ("paulshim@epcsj.org") so that we can take precautions and communicate with the church.  Thank you for helping us love and protect the church body and we hope that you continue to remain safe.

EPC In-Person & Livestream Sunday Worship
For future reference, you can find our “in-person worship guidelines” and the “Sunday Worship YouTube Livestream” link on the homepage of our website at epcministry.org.

If you are joining us via "live-stream" and experience any issues, please email us at "emoffice@epcsj.org" to let us know as we grow in this new process. The "live-stream" link on our website will be updated every Sunday morning.

If you are with us in-person today and would like to give or tithe here at church, there is an offering box near between the Sanctuary and the EM Lobby where you can drop off your offering envelopes.  Otherwise, you can continue to give God your offerings online on our website under “Give”.

The EPC App is live on our website for both iOS and Android.  Please go and download it for easy access to notifications for church events and announcements, sermons and content, ways to give, and more.  For those joining us “in-person” for Sunday Worship, you can now also register your attendance in the EPC EM App!  A big thank you to our “Media Team” who worked so hard to make this happen!

EPC Virtual Discipleship in “Habits of Grace”
We kicked off our church-wide virtual discipleship course in “Habits of Grace” (David Mathis) on September 29, 2021.  You can find an overview and schedule of what the course looks like on our website (“epcministry.org”) and in our EPC EM app (“EPC English Ministry”) with information about what to read for each session, where you can find the session video and reflection questions, and how to download the book for free in various formats (i.e. PDF, MOBI, and EPUB).  The videos and reflection questions are being posted on Wednesday afternoons which you can find on our website and app (go to “Media” and click on “EPC Discipleship”) as well as on our YouTube page.

This is a great opportunity during our season of rest and refreshment to commit ourselves to God’s Word and to reflect on how we are submitting to the Gospel in the daily rhythms of our lives.  We highly encourage all members of EPC to join us in this time of discipleship!  

EPC Sunday Sermon Reflection Questions
We will be posting the "Sermon Reflection Questions" on the website under "Announcements" to better give access to the various life groups that meet.

EPC Pastoral Care and Prayer Support
If you are in need of pastoral care or would like to request prayer support from the pastors of EPC, please don’t hesitate to go to our website (epcministry.org) and click on “Pastoral Care and Prayer Requests'' under the “Connect” button.  You can keep it confidential if you wish to do so but we would love to serve you by walking with you in fellowship and prayer.
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