[February 20, 2022] EPC Sunday Sermon Reflection Questions

Series: James - Faith in Action
"Faith Driven Wisdom"
James 3:12-18

  1. How does your definition of "wisdom" compare to how James describes it in light of the Godliness and the Gospel?  What impact does this have on how you not only see it, but in how we seek it in others and for ourselves?
  2. What ways do you struggle with in seeking the characteristics of earthly wisdom and knowledge (i.e. lack of humility, jealousy, selfish ambition, disorder and evil practices)?  Are these things laid before God not only in humble self-reflection but also in confession and repentance?  Why might this be hard for us?
  3. Can you identify someone in your life who is wise according to God's character (i.e. humble, pure, peace-loving, gentle, open to reason, merciful, bears evidence of good fruits, impartial, sincere in their faith and love for God and others etc)?  How can we encourage one another when we see them maturing Godly wisdom and character and seek to intentionally seek and grow in this ourselves? 

"A goal, desire, hope etc without a plan is a wish.  Though a wishful desire may begin powerfully, without a plan to commit ourselves to turning that wish into reality, it will remain exactly that, a wish, ultimately nothing and meaningless."

This is the nature of placing ourselves under God's Word and seek to live out of a growing momentum covered in reflection and prayer.  As the Holy Spirit convicts and inspires us, we are called and able to consider ways in which to participate in HIs redemption through committing ourselves to practically living out our lives with a plan of discipline to walk after Him in faithful obedience.  Simply hearing or seeing is not enough.  Jesus calls us to follow after Him in a manner that shapes and transforms our very thoughts, words, lives, wishes and plans to honor Him in all that we do.  So as we consider and seek to deepen in Godly wisdom and faithfulness, let us seek to not merely speak or desire, but to get up with a plan to mature in our likeness of Him.
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