[February 6, 2022] EPC Sunday Sermon Reflection Questions

"The Servant of the Lord"
Isaiah 49:1-7

From Pastor Youwan Kang:

  1. Read Isaiah 49:1-7 from a Christological/Messianic perspective.  What do we see about The Servant of the Lordโ€™s activity?  What does Jesus do and what actions stand out to you about His intended ministry?
  2. Re-read Isaiah 49:1-7 from a slightly different perspective.  Because we are called to be servants of the Lord, what types of things can we do?  What activities or actions should we engage in?
  3. Read Isaiah 49:8-26 devotionally and share.  What part of this passage stands out to you from a ministry and discipleship perspective?  What is God wanting to change?  What hope is God offering us in a season of fatigue?  What promises is God making that He will bring to fruition?
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