[January 9, 2022] EPC Sunday Sermon Reflection Questions

Series: James - Faith In Action
"Hearing and Doing In the Word"
James 1:19-27

  1. James reminds us that we are to actively work to "put away" our sin and anger in our lives shared with one another.  In what ways do you struggle when you talk with someone that differs from you in their opinion or perspective etc?  Do you find that you are quick to respond without much thought in anger?  In what ways can we remind ourselves of the Gospel in order to love and listen in patience? 
  2. Do you struggle to live out what we claim to know in the Gospel?  Why do you think that is?  In what ways do you struggle to submit to Christ in obedience when it comes to "walking the talk" in your faith life?
  3. James reminds the church that God's wisdom and Word is the greatest thing that we must measure ourselves up against.  Take a moment to reflect on what truly influences and forms your opinions, thoughts, perspectives etc.  Are there earthly influences that are greater than God's Word in your life (i.e. social media, other people, political views etc)?  
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