Chapter 2 - Members

[Article 3]  Membership Requirements  

  1. Registered members are those who have completed EPC’s membership course.

  2. Active Members are registered members who have been baptized, agreed to adhere to EPC’s Constitution consisting of the Statement of Faith and its By-laws, and have been in attendance at EPC for at least a month.


[Article 4]  Membership Benefits  

  1. Registered members may participate in EPC’s worship services and fellowship and have access to Church discipline.

  2. Active Members

    1. are offered full participation in the sacraments listed in the Statement of Faith;

    2. may vote in the Congregational Meeting;

    3. be voted upon for election for various offices; and

    4. upon request and review, receive Marriage Officiating services from a pastor of EPC provided that said marriage conforms to the above Statement of Faith.