Chapter 6 - Disciplining Committee

[Article 13]  Session

  1. Organization: As one of the three disciplining committees (Session, Presbytery, and General Assembly) of the Presbyterian Church, it is comprised of the Head Pastor and Active Elders. The Disciplining Committee becomes effective upon attendance by the majority of Elders and 1 Pastor. Upon resolution of the Session, the English Ministry Pastor, Temporary Pastor, and Adjunct Elders may sit in the Disciplining Committee with observatory status.

  2. Meeting: Meets regularly every month, and can be summoned upon Pastor’s request

[Article 14]  Congregational Meeting

  1. Congregational Meetings can only be attended by Active Members of EPC.

  2. Meetings:

    1. Regular Congregational Meeting: Meets every January

    2. Ad-hoc Congregational Meeting: Meets upon request of the session, or upon a request of 1/3 of the attending members, or the head of the session

  3. Chairman, Clerk: The head of the Session of the local church is the chairman, and in his absence, upon resolution of the Session, a temporary chairman sent by the Presbytery or a member of the Session can be appointed as temporary chairman. The clerk of the Session serves as the clerk, and all minutes of the Congregational Meeting shall be kept by him.

  4. Validation: The Session will announce or notify all members of the time, location, and agenda of the Congregational Meeting at least two weeks prior, and shall operate on the basis of those who attend the Congregational Meeting.

  5. Resolution: All special agenda items including issues pertaining to Pastoral Calling, Election of Elders, Deacons, and Gwonsa shall be determined uponapproval of 2/3 or more of all attending Active Members, while general items will be determined upon a majority vote.


[Article 15]  Office-holder’s Meeting

  1. Organization: Comprised of members of EPC’s Session, Deacons, Gwonsas, and Deacons for Term. The chairman is the head of the session. The clerk can be appointed and departments can be formed upon resolution of the Session.

  2. Ministry: The Office-holder’s meeting is responsible for planning and executing all the ministries of EPC under the guidance of the Session.

  3. Meeting: Meets on a bi-monthly basis. The chairman may order an ad-hoc meeting upon resolution of the Session or a request of 1/3 of the Officer-holders.