Chapter 3 - Church Staff

[Article 5]  Permanent Staff  

The permanent staff of EPC consists of Elders (Overseers) (Acts 20: 17,28; 1, Timothy 3: 1-7) and Deacons, and the Elders consist of Teaching Elders who both preach and govern, and Ruling Elders who solely devote themselves to the governance of EPC.

[Article 6]  Temporary Staff

By necessity and under the authority of the session, the temporary staff shall be appointed without ordination as follows:

  1. Evangelist: Assist with the ministries of EPC under the guidance of the Pastors and the Session.

  2. Gwonsa: A female believer who is 45 years of age or older and an active member of EPC, who has been instructed by the Session to visit members of EPC, and to care for the sick, the afflicted, and the weak within EPC.

  3. Deacon for Term: An Active Member who has been temporarily appointed to serve the administration of EPC.


[Article 7]  Temporary Staff Method and Term

  1. Evangelist: To be appointed by resolution of the session, for a term of one year. May be re-elected by resolution of the session.

  2. Gwonsa: To be elected according to the provisions in Article 10 as a temporary non-ordained office, but shall remain in service in the absence of any disciplinary action against her.

  3. Deacon for Term: To be appointed upon the nomination of the session and the consent of the nominee, to serve for a term not exceeding one year.