[November 13, 2022] Sunday Sermon Reflection Questions

"A Tree Known By Its Fruit"
Matthew 12:33-37

  1. Jesus points out that the evidence of a good or bad tree is not found in what we think or feel, but in the evidence of the fruit it bears.  He connects our "fruit" with the content of our hearts, our words and the resulting actions.  In what ways do you struggle with "bearing good fruit" as Christ calls and as we profess in our "faith" in Him?  (Hint: Do we know what "good fruit" is as Jesus defines it?")
  2. Time reveals and humbles all things in that the genuine worth or fraudulent reality of all things will. be shown according to God's will.  As you live each day over time, what contents of your heart and delight combat the purpose that Jesus calls us to in His grace?  Why do you think we struggle so much with what we "treasure" and how can we walk together in accountability?
  3. What new thing did you learn today or what convicted your heart in today's Word?
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