[July 17, 2022] EPC Sunday Sermon Reflection Questions

"Persevering In Christ"
Matthew 11:1-6

  1. John the Baptist is in prison and discouraged.  When he reaches out to Jesus with the question, Jesus answers him directly by His own love and authority which renews John's heart and courage.  Can you share a time when you were struggling in your faith or just trying to trust in God?  What helped you persevere?  How did God show up and get you?
  2. Jesus doesn't just call us to obey Him and be faithful, He first loves us.  In fact, God's love for us is perfect, tender, intimate and completely good.  Even in the way that Jesus takes the time to respond to John's question in prison shows a great compassion and care for him.  But His love is always grounded in the truth of the Gospel (i.e. Jesus is Lord, the blind see, the sick are healed etc).  In our love and fellowship with one another, does our love and affection for others reflect the example of Jesus (truth in love, care-filled accountability etc)? 
  3. No matter our circumstances, we know that we can persevere and strive to be faithful because the redeeming work of Jesus is moving forward in His sovereignty and power. Though we may have periods of hardship and suffering, the Gospel reminds us that He is still present with us and doing only what He can do, save and restore.  In what ways can we grow in persevering in our lives as an act of faith that Jesus is greater and better than our temporary struggles?
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