[June 26, 2022] Sunday Sermon Reflection Questions

Series: Servants of the Church
"The Body of Good Works"
Titus 3:1-11

  1. Paul reminds the church that the heart of Christian "good works" is not based on our ability to do "good", but a response of faith and obedience to Christ first who gives us His righteousness, goodness and loving kindness (v 4-8).  Because of the saving work of Jesus, we are empowered to live in good service to one another in worship of Christ.  What is the heart of your love and service in life and how does it line up with the Gospel life we are called to in Jesus?
  2. Part of serving well as a Christians is to submit in obedience to leaders that God has placed in our lives according to His purpose and sovereignty.  Are you a good servant in terms of how you actively support, encourage and empower your leaders to serve and lead well?  Why or why not?
  3. Paul warns of those who "stir up division" and do not live in humble surrender to Christ.  How do you deal with those who cause division?  Are you one of these people?  How can we know?
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