[May 1, 2022] EPC Sunday Sermon Reflection Questions

"Rooted in the Fullness of Christ"
Colossians 2:6-15

  1. Paul points out that a mark of truly being rooted in Christ is a heart of gratitude and thanksgiving.  Why do you think he points out "thanksgiving" as a key part of true faithfulness and how is your life marked by gratitude in and through all things?
  2. Paul's warning to the church is that we should be on guard so that we are not taken captive and distracted by earthly wisdom and things of this world.  In what ways do you see the world influencing the church and even your own perspective of truth in life and how can we guard ourselves against this?
  3. Paul encourages the church that we are liberated by Christ in the act of being "buried" with Him so that we may "rise" with Him to new life.  So often when we feel "buried" in times of struggle and hardship, we become discouraged and easily give up.  But Paul's illustration of being "buried" with Christ is not that we are finished, but that we are "planted" with Jesus like a seed that needs to die to itself in order to rise to new life again.  How can this Gospel reminder and truth encourage and impact your perspective and hope in your walk and life?

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