[October 31, 2021] EPC Sunday Sermon Reflection Questions

[October 31, 2021] EPC Sunday Sermon Reflection Questions

  1. How is "devotion" connected to "obedience"? In the devotion you have, first to God, and to other good things in your life, how does what you say in terms of your devotion line up with how you live that out in devoted action?
  2. How do the sins that you struggle with impact and affect those around you? How does this change the way you think about your sins that you try to "hide in the dirt" and what does the Gospel call us after?
  3. The consequences of sin are pretty clearly laid out in Joshua 7. How was your understanding of God's wrath for our sin challenged or re-defined in the sermon today?
  4. In the face of Christ on the cross for our redemption, how did your perspective at the astounding nature of God's grace change today and what does that mean for how we respond to Him in our lives?
  5. What stood out to you in today's message? Did you have any questions?
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