[October 17, 2021] EPC Sunday Sermon Reflection Questions

[October 17, 2021] EPC Sunday Sermon Reflection Questions

  1. How does Paul's definition of "contentment" compare with your life in Christ? Do you have true joy in Christ to trust and live daily out of faithful obedience to Him in all aspects of life?
  2. Have you heard or did you hold a false understanding of Paul's statement, "I can do all things through Him who strengthens me"? What does Paul mean and how does this shape our understanding of the priorities that we have versus the priorities of God?
  3. As God provides us with all things, we are able to freely and generously love others through whatever means we have. This not only serves to encourage others in community but is a testimony of God's love given to others through us. What are some ways that we can bless, encourage and love others actively through our resources, time, service, etc.?
  4. What stood out to you in today's message? Did you have any questions?
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