[May 16, 2021] EPC Sunday Sermon Reflection Questions

[May 16, 2021] EPC Sunday Sermon Reflection Questions

  1. Who is the Holy Spirit to you and what does it mean to "live in and out of the Holy Spirit" as He is with us?
  2. What comfort and strength can we take in the promise and presence of the Holy Spirit that Jesus gives us when we fail, encounter hardship, etc.?
  3. How do you struggle to seek and submit to the Holy Spirit when it comes to how we live, love, speak, act, and see others? How can we grow in this stubborn weakness?
  4. As Jesus has begun and will finish the work of redemption, we are invited to participate in God's work by the Spirit. What are some ways that you/we can grow in living as the Spirit leads and calls us in defining and directing us after the will of God?
  5. Any questions or points that stood out to you in the sermon?
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